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Boost your business in a few clicks

Create both online and offline marketing campaigns in just a few clicks, empowering your team without compromising your brand.

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A tool for your entire trade team

OTradeTools Creator is a SaaS tool that allows your business and marketing teams to manage communication demands and create diverse online and offline materials with ease and agility.


Automate the creation of new materials and targeted campaigns

Most marketing demands are repetitions of the same materials with minor changes. TradeTools Creator organizes, optimizes, and automates recurring tasks—whether it's creating a catalog, POS material, or website—giving your team plenty of time to plan and create new campaigns.


Ideal for large portfolios or a diverse product mix

TradeTools Creator helps you segment portfolios to fit each customer's needs by creating fully customizable digital or print materials, all under your brand's communication standards.


Get productivity and performance reports

With our dashboard, you can track your team's productivity and sharing report, ensuring that your campaigns will have greater assertiveness and a better chance of success.

Make your process faster and more effective

Custom materials

Create corporate, sales and POS materials in digital and print formats, while keeping your branding intact.

Organized database

TradeTools connects directly to your database via API, so your communication is always in sync with the company's product portfolio. Manage assets such as images, text, and videos for both your products and your business.

Create in a moment

Produce recurring communication materials in minutes, freeing up your team to plan new tasks and campaigns. Just select the products you wish to share, and let TradeTools create for you.

Performance reports

Get performance metrics and engagement feedback on every campaign your share trough TradeTools.

From Creation to the Point of Sale

Increase your product performance at the POS

With TradeTools Display, you can detect and accelerate the resolution of communication problems, following the entire production journey of the material on your mobile phone.

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Advantages of using TradeTools



TradeTools offers a database for archiving, organizing and managing any image, code, description, text or video available for both your products and your company in general.

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In addition to saving time during creation, a decentralized production reduces your company's logistics costs.

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Integration & CRM

TradeTools integrates your company's database and communicates via API with other platforms, including CRMs, enabling you to take proactive actions and turn opportunities into business.

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Track real-time material production and sales team performance through reports on a convenient, complete dashboard.

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Easily manage assets such as images, text, videos and other documents in your database. Import, export and manage all content online, at any time.

A list of products.


Share your designs and images on both desktop and mobile via WhatsApp, email, Facebook, and more.

Screen with different sharing options, such as email and social media.


In just a few clicks, you can create, share, and have access to a complete report with your project performance — be it a website or PDF catalog.

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Create consistent materials

TradeTools allow the creation of corporate, sales and POS materials, both in physical and digital format.

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Targeted Campaigns

Set permissions for your team based on business rules and location. Run targeted and seasonal campaigns.

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Track productivity

Manage and track your team's productivity and prospects in real-time.

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Organize your assets

Manage in one place your company's multichannel campaigns and digital assets (images, videos, documents).

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Share from your phone

Share your projects and images via WhatsApp, email, Facebook and other platforms.

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Leads and CRM Integration

Store and organize leads, contacts, and customers, and integrate with your CRM, keeping a straightforward customer journey.

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